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Celebrity Gossip – Vinnie Glassed, Jolie Big Money And Beckham’s Bungy Jump

Joy Ryder - Monday 08.12.08, 12:33pm

Vinnie Jones is facing jail after being arrested in the US for punching a man in the face after being glassed in a fight at a pub.
Jones has been accused of starting an argument over a game of pool which quickly led to a full scale brawl.  The ex-footballer tuned actor, was treated in hospital [...]

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Celebrity Gossip – Anne Hathaway’s Naked Photos

Terry Lane - Wednesday 01.10.08, 12:10pm

The FBI hold naked photos of Anne Hathaway
It has been revealed that the FBI confiscated naked photos of Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway when they were investigating her former boyfriend, Italian businessman Raffaello Follieri.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation took a diary and Anne Hathaway’s naked photos from her cellar in a raid last June.  Anne Hathaway [...]

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