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Highest paid movie stars

John Williams - Wednesday 16.02.11, 12:28pm

It is fair to say that enrolling the biggest ‘A’ list box office stars to appear in your new movie will almost certainly generate more interest from the media and public alike, but does it always result in the movie being a box office smash.
The best paid actor in 2010 was Johnny Depp, definitely one [...]

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Celebrity Gossip – Brad Pitt Crashes, Ivanka Trump Marries, Morrissey Recovering & Leona Lewis’s Attacker

Joy Ryder - Monday 26.10.09, 23:49pm

Brad Pitt was knocked off of his motorcycle in Los Angeles this week when a photographer got to close to the actor trying to get a snapshot.
As Pitt swerved between cars he lost his balance, clipping the wing mirror of a parked car causing him to fall from his machine, fortunately he was unhurt.
The daughter [...]

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