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Celebrity Gossip – Chris Eubank’s New Whistle, Aerosmith Cancel Tour & Michael Phelps In Car Crash

Joy Ryder - Friday 14.08.09, 16:45pm

Chris Eubank has spent thousands of pounds on cosmetic dentistry in a bid to cure him of his lisp, but the former boxer has allegedly now ended up with a whistle instead.
The 43-year-old has apparently said that although the lisp has gone when he pronounces the letter ’s’, he now lets out a high pitch [...]

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Celebrity Gossip – Wendy Richards, Chris Eubank

Joy Ryder - Monday 06.10.08, 13:49pm

Wendy Richards is to marry her long-term partner this week after revealing that she is battling terminal cancer.
The 65-year-old actress will be starting treatment soon and wanted to have a “pain-free” day before she starts chemotherapy on October 13.
Ms. Richards has twice beaten breast cancer but now it has returned and is in her armpit, [...]

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