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Highest paid movie stars

John Williams - Wednesday 16.02.11, 12:28pm

It is fair to say that enrolling the biggest ‘A’ list box office stars to appear in your new movie will almost certainly generate more interest from the media and public alike, but does it always result in the movie being a box office smash.
The best paid actor in 2010 was Johnny Depp, definitely one [...]

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Absence really does make the heart fonder for Vanessa and Johnny

John Williams - Wednesday 07.07.10, 14:56pm

MarieClaire cover star Vanessa Paradis talks to the UK magazine about Johnny Depp and how the glamorous pair have managed to stay together for over ten years in a world where celebrity pairings seldom seem to last.
Here is an excerpt of the interview;
Do you ever ask Johnny’s advice about a script?
When it comes to planning, [...]

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Celebrity Gossip – Nicole Richie Hospitalised, I’m A Celebrity Is Now ‘The Katie Price Show’ & Johnny Depp Sexiest Man 2009

Joy Ryder - Thursday 19.11.09, 13:32pm

It has been confirmed that Nicole Richie has been hospitalised , and is being treated for pneumonia at a Los Angeles hospital and is said to be doing well.
The 28-year-old actress missed the the launch of her ‘House of Harlow jewellery’  on the 10th of November, reporting on Twitter that she was suffering from a [...]

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Celebrity Gossip – Father Ted Actor’s Cancer Battle, Robert Pattinson Worlds Sexiest & Paula Abdul Quits Idol

Joy Ryder - Wednesday 05.08.09, 12:27pm

The ‘Father Ted’ actor Frank Kelly, is once again battling cancer after a year in remission following the removal of a tumour on his bowel in 2007.
The 70-year-old, who played the part of Father Jack Hackett in the hit comedy, learnt in December that the cancer had spread to his liver for which he has [...]

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The Celebrity Gossip – Johnny Depp Pirate Surprise, Peter Andre Model, The Beckhams Anniversary & Sadie Frost Operation

Joy Ryder - Friday 03.07.09, 13:08pm

Johnny Depp put the smile on some young faces on Wednesday when he made a special visit to the Great Ormond Street hospital dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.
Depp was in London this week promoting his new film ‘Public Enemies’, but took time out to visit the youngsters where he chatted with patients and staff as [...]

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