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Celebrity Gossip – Jennifer Ellison Marries, Stephen Gately’s Funeral & Paul O’Grady Back To ITV

Joy Ryder - Wednesday 14.10.09, 11:36am

Jennifer Ellison has married her partner Rob Tickle in a private ceremony in Mauritius before the birth of their first child which is due to be born in the new year.
The couple were due to marry originally last August but the wedding was put on hold when the pregnancy was discovered.  They allegedly phoned family [...]

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Celebrity Gossip – Katie Price & Peter Andre, Joanna Lumley’s Victory, Jonathan Ross Not Live & Sir Ranulph Finnes Suceeds

Joy Ryder - Friday 22.05.09, 16:17pm

Katie Price (Jordan), arrived back in the UK last night with her two youngest children amid the relationship crisis between herself and her husband Peter Andre.
Andre is already seeking advice from his solicitors on custody of Junior and Princess Tiaamii as well as where he stands in relationship to their home and assets, a [...]

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Celebrity Gossip – Jonathan Ross Wins Poll, Whoopi Goldberg Gets Therapy & Farah Fawcett’s Anger At Press

Joy Ryder - Wednesday 01.04.09, 11:57am

The GQ magazine have released their latest poll on the worst-dressed men of 2009 with Jonathan Ross taking the top prize.  He was followed by Russell Brand, Gordon Brown, Jamie Hince and Rhys Ifans.
One of the criticism’s Ross received said, “His jokes aren’t funny anymore and neither are his suits.  His clothes make you cry”, [...]

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Celebrity Gossip – Brand Best Stand-Up, Madonna Sues Paper And Beyonce Donates Wages

Joy Ryder - Tuesday 09.12.08, 13:29pm

Russell Brand was awarded a prize for the Best Live Stand-Up at the British Comedy Awards on Saturday night in Los Angeles.
The ceremony was originally to be hosted by Jonathan Ross but after the recent bad publicity, he was replaced by Angus Deaton.
Madonna is allegedly claiming more than £5million in damages after the publication of [...]

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Celebrity Gossip – Stephen Fry, Russell Brand, Jonathan Ross, Andrew Sachs, Sooty

Joy Ryder - Friday 31.10.08, 19:19pm

Stephen Fry has recently been filming his new programme ‘Stephen Fry In America’, and whilst there he made a visit to a Ben & Jerry Ice Cream factory in Vermont, where he created his own brand.
The ice cream named ‘Even Stephens’, is said to consist of vanilla, chocolate and walnut, and Fry said that it [...]

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