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Celebrities And Cosmetic Surgery

Annie Payne - Tuesday 25.10.11, 20:05pm

When you spend your life under the microscope of public scrutiny, your every imperfection is out there for the world to see.
For celebrities, who are constantly confronted by their own likeness, in newspapers, magazines and the results of their own work, lumps, bumps and problem areas can become a real issue, which is why so [...]

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10 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Annie Payne - Wednesday 20.04.11, 12:52pm

Sometimes, we all need a little help. Misshapen breasts can be fixed and obvious belly flab removed. However, celebrities can sometimes take it too far, and many do. Here are some of the top examples of celebrity plastic surgeries gone bad.
1. While many fans might miss Michael Jackson, it won’t be because of his bad [...]

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Tags: American Stars · Courtney Love · Michael Jackson · Victoria Beckham

Celebrity Gossip – Katie Price’s Quits, Jedward Out, Shilpa Shetty Marries & Michael Jackson’s Glove Sale

Joy Ryder - Monday 23.11.09, 13:31pm

Katie Price is leaving the Jungle after being selected by the public to take part in her seventh Bushtucker trial and Twittered “Hey thankyou for all your support !!  I tried my best xxxxxxxxxxx.
The 31-year-old model and business woman was chosen to do the next trial alongside former boxer Joe Bugner, but refused and told [...]

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Celebrity Gossip – Christine Bleakley’s Dating Frank Lampard, Harris & Parfitt Xmas, Prince Michael Has Vitiligo & Adriana Lima Has Daughter

Joy Ryder - Tuesday 17.11.09, 15:07pm

According to reports, Christine Bleakley has finally admitted that she is dating England footballer Frank Lampard after the pair were spotted at a pub yesterday.
Lampard separated from his Spanish fiancee Elen Rives, with who he has two daughters, last year while the TV presenter split with her fiance in January.
As usual for this time of [...]

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Celebrity Gossip – Michael Jackson Tribute Rescheduled & Victoria Beckham On Whoopi Goldberg Show

Joy Ryder - Friday 11.09.09, 17:30pm

The Michael Jackson Tribute concert that was due to take place in Vienna later this month, will now not be going ahead and has been rescheduled to take place in London, hopefully at Wembley in June 2010.
The main reason given for the change of plan was that many of the top artists were unable to [...]

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