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Celebrity Gossip – Nicole Richie Hospitalised, I’m A Celebrity Is Now ‘The Katie Price Show’ & Johnny Depp Sexiest Man 2009

Joy Ryder - Thursday 19.11.09, 13:32pm

It has been confirmed that Nicole Richie has been hospitalised , and is being treated for pneumonia at a Los Angeles hospital and is said to be doing well.
The 28-year-old actress missed the the launch of her ‘House of Harlow jewellery’  on the 10th of November, reporting on Twitter that she was suffering from a [...]

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Celebrity Gossip – Father Ted Actor’s Cancer Battle, Robert Pattinson Worlds Sexiest & Paula Abdul Quits Idol

Joy Ryder - Wednesday 05.08.09, 12:27pm

The ‘Father Ted’ actor Frank Kelly, is once again battling cancer after a year in remission following the removal of a tumour on his bowel in 2007.
The 70-year-old, who played the part of Father Jack Hackett in the hit comedy, learnt in December that the cancer had spread to his liver for which he has [...]

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