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Celebrities love a game of bingo too

Annie Payne - Tuesday 28.05.13, 19:28pm

Bingo is one of the most common and popular games in the world; and though the amount of rows on a card differ whether you are playing in the UK, United States or other parts of the world, the basic game is the same.
I was surprised to hear it is as popular with younger generations [...]

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Celebrity Gossip – Brad Pitt Crashes, Ivanka Trump Marries, Morrissey Recovering & Leona Lewis’s Attacker

Joy Ryder - Monday 26.10.09, 23:49pm

Brad Pitt was knocked off of his motorcycle in Los Angeles this week when a photographer got to close to the actor trying to get a snapshot.
As Pitt swerved between cars he lost his balance, clipping the wing mirror of a parked car causing him to fall from his machine, fortunately he was unhurt.
The daughter [...]

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Celebrity Gossip – Gillian Anderson, Russell Crowe, Sting, David Walliams

Joy Ryder - Tuesday 21.10.08, 13:21pm

X-Files actress Gillian Anderson, gave birth to a baby boy on Monday, weighing 6lbs 15oz, who has been named Felix.
Ms Anderson and her boyfriend Mark Griffiths, have a son Oscar, who is almost two.  The 40-year-old also has a 13-year-old daughter Piper, from a previous relationship.
Russell Crowe has grown his hair long for his acting [...]

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